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OSMOCES 2013: Computational Modeling with VPython

If you are in my [OSMOCES 2013]( session on Computational Modeling with VPython and want to try the models as we go, here are the three links to you need to get setup:

* [VPython](
* [my GitHub](

Install VPython for your system and download my vpython-physics repository from GitHub.

If you referring to these materials later or just browsing, here are the slides I shared.

Download (PDF, 5.59MB)

I also shared several links to other resources, textbooks, papers at the end. They are reproduced here to make navigation easier.

* [Georgia Tech PER Group](
* [my GitHub](
* [John Burk’s blog](
* [Matter and Interactions by Ruth Chabay and Bruce Sherwood](
* [Computational Physics by Mark Newman](
* [Integrating Numerical Computation into the Modeling Instruction Curriculum]( by Caballero, Burk, et al.
* [Open Source Physics, Easy Java Simulations (OSP EJS)](
* [Glowscript and CoffeeScript]( and an [introduction](
* [GeoGebra](