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This post is primarily for those teachers attending the Summer 2012 QuarkNet Workshop at Fermilab. However, other teachers interested in making holograms may find it useful; if you have questions, please contact me as you won’t have the experience of making your own hologram during the workshop.

Teachers at my school and, most recently, myself have learned how to make holograms in the classroom from Dr. Tung H. Jeong, a recipient of the Robert Millikan Medal from the American Association of Physics Teachers for his work in holography. After attending an AAPT workshop led by Dr. Jeong, I refined our techniques for making holograms and we started making transmission holograms in addition to reflection holograms.

When introducing holography to students, I start with a video from the [How It’s Made TV show](http://www.schooltube.com/video/be196dd21b70b927aea6/) about holography.

I then introduce the holography and advise students how to select objects from which to make a hologram. The slides I use are below.

Download (PDF, 810KB)

We order all of our supplies from Integraf, which is associated with Dr. Jeong. Integraf has [several tutorials](http://www.integraf.com/newsarticles.htm) on their web site which are essential reading:

* [Simple Holography](http://www.integraf.com/a-simple_holography.htm) should be read first. It describes all of the basics of making reflection holograms with many aspects applicable to transmission holograms as well.
* [How to Make Transmission Holograms](http://www.integraf.com/a-make_transmission_hologram.htm). I prefer to make transmission holograms as they have several advantages over reflection holograms. The only disadvantage is that they require laser light to view. However, given how affordable laser pointers (green are best) have become, this disadvantage is becoming less significant.
* [Instructions for JD-4 Processing Kit](http://www.integraf.com/Downloads/JD-4.pdf). I believe this PDF file is the most recent version of the instructions. Similar directions are on the website, but the timings in this document are slightly different.


* PFG-03M Holographic Plates (2.5″ x 2.5″, 30 plates, $105, Item #[S3P-06330](http://www.integraf.com/hologram_film_pfg-03m.htm))
* JD-4 Processing Kit ($17, Item #[JD4](http://www.integraf.com/hologram_developer.htm))
* Holography Diode Laser (650nm (red), 4mW, $36, Item #[DL-4B](http://www.integraf.com/hologram_diode_laser.htm))

A [previous post](https://pedagoguepadawan.net/49/holography/) on holography describes how I setup a station and has several pictures.

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