Questions to Ask During Whiteboarding

For me personally, developing productive Socratic dialogs when whiteboarding is my biggest challenge. I printed three posters to prompt students to contribute effectively to whiteboard discussions and to help them prepare excellent whiteboards. One of these posters ended up in the background of a photo I tweeted and generated a couple of questions. The content of the posters is directly from the article [Engaging students in conducting Socratic dialogues: Suggestions for science teachers]( by Carl Wenning, Thomas Holbrook, and James Stankevitz. (Jim was the leader for the Modeling Instruction workshop that I attended.)

Based on this article I created three posters: Questions to Ask (prompts for questions), Lab Presentation (tips for whiteboarding labs), Whiteboard Presentation (tips for whiteboarding problems).

Download (PDF, 29KB)

2 thoughts on “Questions to Ask During Whiteboarding

  1. Doug Smith (@bcphysics)

    Hi Geoff,

    I’ve been using whiteboards more this year. I notice that most of my groups end up with having very similar data and presentations. Do you only present one or two whiteboards at the end of a lab, or do you go over all of them? I typically have 30 students with 8 to 10 groups…

    Secondly, do you have a list of labs that you have the students to in physics? I’ve read in a few places on your blog this year that you may be putting more focus on labs. I haven’t done this, and many of my labs are described as “activities”. In 2nd year physics we don’t do many at all, since many topics are repeated from 1st year.



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