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Pedagogue Padawan 180

I’m going to attempt to keep at 180 blog this year. I infrequently make time during the school year to write long blog posts; so, I hope I can share more of what we do via [Pedagogue Padawan 180](http://180.pedagoguepadawan.net/). I don’t have 180 days with students; so, I’ll include some extra days along the way. I’m starting today because it is the first day back for teachers (students won’t arrive until Wednesday). I’m starting with Day 0 since I teach computer science as well as physics!

A couple of days ago, Fran Poodry announced on the AMTA list a Modeling Instruction-focused 180 blog aggregator. If you are interested, (https://docs.google.com/forms/d/197Vq_iIICtXbqmE-rzCVSOGcdoB6UAVSdhKj_v-Y2Yk/viewform).